Family Law

At ODT Solicitors, we understand the sensitive nature of Family Law matters and the impact they can have on your life.

Our approach to family law is centred around open communication, respect, and finding solutions that prioritise the well-being and best interests of all parties involved, especially children. We believe in resolving conflicts through negotiation and mediation whenever possible, aiming for amicable agreements that foster positive relationships.

Led by Parissa Henney, our Family department specialises in providing expert guidance and compassionate support for a wide range of family law matters, including:


• The process of / Alternative options to divorce

Separation of unmarried couples / civil partnerships

• TLATA / Occupation Disputes / Schedule 1 Childrens’ Act . Separation Agreement / Dissolution

Finances and Property

• Division of Assets / High Net Worth / Third Party Interests / Family Business / Pets / Implementation or Enforcement or Variation of Financial Remedy Orders

Disputes concerning children

• Contact Disputes / Residence Disputes / Parental Alienation / Paternity Disputes / Grandparent Contact /False Allegations / Specific Issues / Leave to Remove / Schedule 1 Childrens’ Act


• Cohabitation Agreements / Declaration of Trusts / Breach of cohabitation Agreements

Injunctive Proceedings

• Non Molestation Order

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