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Kirsty Perryman-Best

Kirsty Perryman-Best

Kirsty Perryman-Best

Managing Partner

Expertise: Residential Property

Haywards Heath office
01444 801031

Kirsty has a knack for untangling complex legal issues with finesse, making her an outstanding Managing Partner.

Kirsty joined ODT as a partner in 2014 after an impressive legal background in London. In 2021 she was voted Managing Partner due to her exceptional legal acumen and strong leadership skills. Under her guidance, the firm has expanded its client base and achieved remarkable success in various practice areas.

With Kirsty leading the way, the ODT Solicitors team can rest assured knowing they have an inspiring leader who will drive the firm's ongoing success. Her exceptional talent, proven track record, and unwavering commitment make her the perfect candidate to steer our operations and guide the firm towards a bright and prosperous future.